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What are Time periods?

Time periods are the OKR operating periods or cycles. Some organizations call it Time periods/periods while others call it cycles or cadences. By default, Ally provides the Annual & Quarterly time periods out of the box and they can be customized by the org admin in the Admin --> Time Periods section. Every OKR or Project is always tagged to a particular Time Period and also has a start & end date.

In, Time Periods and Teams (Org/Team/User level) are key to how you navigate and find your and your company's OKRs & Projects.

Where to find the Time period picker on

We are moving the Time period picker closer to your OKRs & Projects lists - right above the lists and not on the top-left corner of the page, so it is more contextual and helps you navigate easily. This is in line with a bunch of enhancements like additional filtering capabilities we will be introducing to simplify your App navigation and OKR discoverability experience.

How is Ally simplifying the Time Period navigation experience?

  • In addition to repositioning the time period picker.

  • All New Users will land on with a default of 'All Time periods' and 'No Grouping'. Existing users will have no change to their settings.

  • OKRs & Projects will be sorted reverse chronologically from latest to oldest time periods for finding relevant OKRs predictably (with or without the grouping by time period).

  • Re-ordering & prioritizing OKRs has been enabled for un-grouped lists.

  • If grouped by time period, only the time period groups with OKRs/Projects will be displayed so as to reduce empty panels & clutter.

Other Simplifying UX Improvements

  • Standardizing the Add OKR experience - We have reduced the no. of 'Add Objective' primary actions to 1 button on the page so as to keep it simple. This will launch the focused Add OKR panel experience from the right. Enhancements to the 'inline add OKR' experience on the lists can be seen in the upcoming releases.

  • Consolidating 'Group-By', 'Chart View' & 'View Options' into the 'View Options' dropdown - 'Grouping' capabilities have been consolidated with other 'View options' like 'Show more info', 'Expand', 'Compare to Past' & 'Chart View'.

  • Consolidating the Page level & List level 'More Actions' -

    • At a Page level, we have moved any Info/Metadata regarding a user/team/org and Admin Settings into the 'Settings' gear icon.

    • At a List level, Printing & Sharing capabilities have been consolidated into the 3 dot 'More Actions' icon.

Note: The above updates will be available for all customers as a Limited Availability from March 1, 2022. Further user experience improvements around navigation & discoverability (filtering capabilities etc.) will be launched by April 2022. Please reach out to [email protected] if you'd like to try this experience first hand.

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