You can surface specific OKRs and Projects within your MS Teams chats to add more context to your conversations. This way you can discuss their progress, proactively identify and resolve blockers, and thereby focus on the work that needs your attention. With the MS Teams messaging extension, you can also make updates to your OKRs without leaving your chat.

How to access’s messaging extension within MS Teams

Note: Ensure that you have an account.

Follow these steps to insert an OKR/project in your textbox

  1. Log in to your MS Teams app.

  2. Open up the chat where you would like to pull up your OKR progress.

  3. Click on the ellipse ‘...’ button below your text box.

    Ellipsis button in MSTeams

  4. In the search box, type Ally. The messaging extension for your organization’s Ally account will appear.

    App search box in MSTeams

  5. Click on the Ally app.'s Messaging Extension

  6. You will see a search bar, followed by the list of recommended public OKRs and projects.

    Recommended list of OKRs/Projects pulled from

  7. You can either type in the OKR(s)/Project(s) you’re looking for or select the ones from the suggestions list. This will insert that particular OKR(s)/Project(s) as a card within your text box.

  8. You can add/remove any text you’d like to share for more context, along with the OKR/project’s progress, and hit ‘Send’.

    You can add and send as many OKRs/Projects as you like in a single message.

How to make updates to your OKRs via the MS Teams messaging extension

Note: You can view details of the OKR/project card and make updates to it only after you have hit ‘Send’.

To update your OKRs on the fly via MS Teams Messaging Extension, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on ‘View Details’ on the OKR/Project card that has been shared in the chat. A pop-up with all the details of the OKR/Project will appear.

    View Details button in MSTeams

  2. A. If the card selected is an Objective/KR, you will be shown 4 tabs - Overview, Key Results, Projects, and Activity. The overview tab shows the details of the Objective/KR such as the title, progress bar, owner, type, time period, last update’s date, tag, description, and alignment. The Key Results and the Projects tabs display the list of KRs and projects that are aligned to the Objective/KR, respectively. The activity tab lets you view the recent activity.

    View Details pop-up for OKRs card in MSTeams

    B. If the card selected is a project, you will see 3 tabs - Overview, Tasks, and Activity. The Overview and the Activity tabs are similar to that of the OKRs. Under the Tasks tab, you will be able to add tasks and also view existing tasks, if any.

  3. You can edit the OKR/Project details, under the Overview section, such as the time period, owner, OKR type, and also add/edit a tag and a description.

  4. You can also make a check-in to update the OKR/Project’s progress and status. You can also include a note.


  1. Q: If I don't have the permission to view a team's OKRs/Projects in, would I be able to view them on MS Teams when they’re shared with me via the messaging extension?

    A: No, you would need to be a member/owner of that team in to view the OKRs/Projects that are shared with you on MS Teams.

  2. Q: What does this error message 'Return to the main window to perform this action' mean and why does it appear?

    A: When you try to click on ‘View Details’ on an OKR/Project card before sending the message, this error would appear. You can only view the details and make updates to an OKR/Project card after the message has been sent.

  3. Q: Can we add and send multiple cards in one message?

    A: Yes. MS Teams allows you to not only share multiple OKRs/Projects cards from but also multiple cards from any app. You can even send multiple OKRs cards from and multiple cards from other apps like Asana, Smartsheet, Jira, etc., all in one message.

  4. Q: Is there a separate MS Teams messaging extension for each team in or a single messaging extension for the entire organization?

    A: There will be one common messaging extension on MS Teams for all teams, channels, and users across the organization.

  5. Q: Would I be able to search and view all OKRs/Projects or only my team's OKRs?

    A: Currently, a user can search for all the OKRs/Projects which are public and accessible to them.

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