Ally has the ability to integrate with Salesforce, allowing you to automatically update your OKRs.

In Salesforce, OAuth tokens authorize access to protected resources. Connected apps receive tokens on behalf of a client after authorization. Scopes further define the type of protected resources that the connected app can access. You assign scopes to a connected app when you build it, and they’re included with the OAuth tokens during the authorization flow.

Ally needs 3 scopes in order to retrieve data from the Salesforce system. The list of scopes are mentioned below:

  1. api - We need to use REST API to get reports, access data of the report including summary value. This requires permission to access and manage the data. Salesforce doesn’t provide read-only access to api scope.

  2. refresh_token and offline_access - This lets us to generate refresh token even when the user is offline and interact with the data. This requires permission to regenerate refresh token on user behalf at any time.

You can also refer to their documentation.

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