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We answer the common questions asked regarding the HRIS Integration setup.

1. What happens if a previously imported Ally user no longer appears in a new CSV upload?

  • If a user is omitted from a file, this will not remove the user from Ally.

  • The users remain as is, there is no change or addition/deletion taking place in this case.

  • The user is not disabled and the user account is left in its original state.

2. What happens if a Manager’s account is deactivated? Do people under the manager have their “Manager Email” field changed automatically, or is it left alone?

  • The Manager goes into the Deactivated state.

  • Users under the Manager retain the same Manager Name in Ally.

  • The Manager field for the employees reporting to this manager will be updated only if the Manager Email field is set in the import file.

3. When setting up a team hierarchy for a user, does Ally assign the user to all parent teams of the mentioned Teams?

  • Only the Teams mentioned in the User Import template against the entry for the user will be considered as the team(s) that the user is part of.

  • For example, if the import file contains the user as a member of only the Sub Admin team, then the user will not be a part of Admin A and Administration unless both of those parent teams are added in the import file for the user.

4. What happens if a Team name changes between uploads?

  • A new team gets created and the user gets added to that team.

  • The old team does not get deleted.

5. If I leave the Is Org Admin field blank for a current Org Admin, will that remove the Org Admin status?

  • The user retains their Org Admin role even if the field is left blank for their row.

  • User will be removed from the Org Admin role ONLY IF the Is Org Admin field is set to No.

6. What happens if a user who does not currently exist in Ally is uploaded with a deactivation date in the past?

A new user account is created but is in the Deactivated state.

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