Want to share your OKR view on a webpage or an intranet site? Ally.io allows you to place a live, read-only version of your OKR view on any public or intranet page using the Embed option. 

To embed your OKR view,

  1. Go to the view you want to share.

  2. Click on Share and choose the Embed option.

  3. Click on Generate Link.

  4. You can now preview your shared view by clicking the ‘Preview’ button. 

  5. Once you’re happy with the preview, use the embed link within an iframe tag on the target page.

Customize your view before embedding 

To control how much information is displayed, Ally.io provides a set of options under ‘Customize View’. Here's the set of fields you can enable or disable to customize your embed view.




All the top level objectives and key results. 

First level children

All immediate child objectives, key results and projects.


The OKR owner


The team to which the OKR belongs


The OKRs’ current status


The OKRs’ progress % 


Metric associated with the key result

Link to Ally

A URL that links back to Ally, so users who want to interact with the view can log in to do more. 

Points to note:

  1. The view can drop or show columns based on the width of the embed, despite the default settings. For example, you might opt to show the metric under the progress bar, but if the iframe width is <xyz> pixels or lower, the metric under the progress bar might not be displayed due to readability.  

  2. The OKRs shown in the view are based on the permissions of the user who generates the view link. If you edit the view settings, you now become the publisher of the view, and it will use your permissions.

Deactivating your embed link 

Before deactivating the embed, make sure to remove the embed link from all the places you’ve added it. To deactivate, click on the ‘Deactivate’ link right below the embed link field.

In scenarios where you miss to remove the embed before deactivating, you will see an error page as shown below.

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