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  • Duplicates in exported reports

  • Last check-in and last updated dates

  • Are comments considered for last updates?

Q: I am getting duplicates in my exported report from Objective Explorer. Why is that?

A: The duplicates are usually created when the flat list view is selected along with the option ‘Include child key results’.

In such cases, if you select only one of the options - it will not give any duplicates. The option ‘Include child key results’ will include the top-level child key results in the export while the ‘Flat list view’ option will include all the OKRs included in the applied filters.

Q: I have not made any changes to my OKR. How is my last check-in date before the last updated date?

A: The last check-in column will have the last manual check-in date, while the last updated column will have the last updated date which can also include the automated check-ins.

Q: If I make a comment, does it get considered while marking my last updated date/time?

A: Yes, a comment essentially indicates that there’s an update on the OKR, even if the progress has not been made.

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