Dashboards can be created and shared across every level of the organization. Let's take a look at better collaboration opportunities available with the review dashboards.

The key updates section in the review dashboards can be edited by people other than the owner, depending on the OKRs that have been selected.

For Objective List widget key updates, all users who own the OKRs included in the objective list or any user who has edit access to the dashboard can modify or add a new key update.
For Objective detailed widget key updates, the key updates go in as a new check-in to the objective so the permission levels also reflect accordingly. Since any user cannot make edits to another user’s check-ins, therefore, the key updates for the objective detail widget on a dashboard can only be added by other OKR owners, and not edited or removed at this point.

To learn more about how to share edit access of your dashboards with other users, take a look here: Share Dashboards.

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