The owner of the OKR can be changed from the OKR list view, quick view or the full view page. Click on the owner field to assign the OKR to a new owner.


1. If you'd like more than a single person to own an OKR, you can assign multiple owners.

2. If there is just one owner or multiple owners assigned to an OKR and you would want a user within the organisation to check-in and update the progress of the OKR, you can use the ‘check-in responsibility’ feature. The 'check-in' owner can only check-in manually or set up an auto integration.

3. With Ally's Delegation option, you can assign another individual to check in on OKRs that are not owned by them. A delegate gets permissions to edit all aspects of an OKR and also work on behalf of the OKR owner on a specific objective. They'd not be able to change ownership though.

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