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About the Discord integration’s integration with Discord makes it easy for you to keep track of OKR progress in real-time. You can receive notifications on OKR progress, summary updates and manage your priorities right where you collaborate.

Setting up: Creating a connection

  • Navigate to your sidebar and click on Admin > Integrations.

  • In the Integrations section, navigate to the 'Discord’ under the Messaging Integrations section and click on ‘Add to Discord’.

  • After clicking ‘Add to Discord’ you will be directed to Discord’s authentication screen. Choose the Discord server you’d like to integrate with and click ‘Continue’. In the screen that follows, make sure the ‘Manage Webhooks’ checkbox is enabled and click on ‘Authorize’.

  • Once authorization is successfully done, you’ll be redirected to the Discord integration configuration page in Ally.

Setting up: Configuring notifications

As an admin, you can configure what events your team receives updates on in your Discord channel. These real-time updates are applicable for the following set of events:

  • Objectives: Added, Closed, Deleted, Modified, Reopened.

  • Check-ins: New check-ins, Comments

To configure channel notifications on Discord,

  • Click on ‘Add Notification’ to open the new notification configuration screen.

  • In the popup that appears, choose:

    Send To: Select a channel to whom the notifications would be published.

    Entities: Choose which type of OKRs the notifications belong to - the organization’s, a specific team’s or an individual’s. You can choose multiple entities.

    Events: Select from an array of options when you’d like to publish the notification - when an objective is added, closed, deleted, modified, reopened, and for new check-ins and check-in comments.

  • Click on ‘Add’ to save your notification settings. Your notification settings will be saved and listed.

Setting up: Editing an existing notification setting

Click on the 'Edit' icon against the notification setting you'd like to make changes to and 'Save' once you've made the required changes.

Customizing the cadence and frequency for Summary Updates

In addition to the event updates, you can also receive summary updates for your organization, team, or individual OKRs. You can determine the frequency and the cadence for when the summary updates will be posted in Discord.

  • Click on the 'Follower', right next to the 'Owner' in your OKR title pane. In the pop-up that follows, click on the 'Discord' tab and select the Discord channel you'd like to publish the summary updates. You can also select multiple channels to publish the updates.

  • Click on the gear icon against each channel to set up the publishing schedule. There are two schedules — default, and a custom schedule. The default schedule will send updates every week based on the default notification schedule set for your Ally instance and will be applied to all the Discord channels you've selected.

  • If you want this customized, select Custom schedule and choose the frequency — weekly or monthly, and the cadence — day and the time.

  • Click on Done to save your settings.

Using the Discord integration

Summary Notifications:

The Ally OKRs bot publishes summary updates of the Ally entity (Organization OKR, Team OKR, Individual OKR) in your Discord channel based on notification cadence. The summary notification captures the overall progress change and progress and status for each individual OKR.

Notifications for events:

The Ally OKRs bot also publishes real-time updates in your Discord channel for events - adding an objective, new check-ins ( Refer to the list of events supported here)

Note: The Ally OKRs bot should be added as a channel member if you would like to trigger notifications into a private channel. If you’re creating a new private channel, you will need to enable Ally OKRs under roles and add the Ally OKRs bot as a channel member.

Disabling the integration

To disable the integration, head over to the Discord Configuration page, click on the ‘Options’ dropdown and select ‘Remove Discord Integration’. Confirm by clicking ‘Remove Discord Integration’ in the pop-up that follows through. Disabling the integration will stop all future notifications.

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