While it’s highly recommended to automate the progress updates of your objectives — either through an integrated data source, or via rollup from children, this automated updated needn’t necessarily reflect the actual progress made. You, as the OKR owner might have better context on how you’re progressing on the objective. In such cases, you can manually override the automated progress and status, and set them as you see fit.

How to override progress and status manually?

Watch the video below to learn how to manually override automatic updates.

  1. To the left of the progress bar, you will find an icon that is indicative of the current progress mode. To know more about what the different progress modes are, read our help article.

  2. Upon clicking this icon, you will find the option to make a check-in. Here, you will find the current progress and status of the objective based on the automatic update. Click on ‘Edit progress and status’ to make a manual check-in.

  3. Set the progress and status as you see fit. If you want to continue making manual check-ins, and choose to stop the automatic updates for this objective, tick the checkbox that’s right underneath to stop updating via rollup from children or an integrated source.

  4. If you do not tick this checkbox, you are choosing to stay in the automated progress mode but you will manually override the progress and status as a one-off instance. The next automatic update will override the manual check-in you are making.

  5. Save your check-in.

When you manually override the progress and status and choose to stop the automatic updates, the next automatic update will not take effect unless you choose to do so. However, every time you make a check-in, Ally.io will show you what the automatic values would be. You can decide whether to continue making manual check-ins or revert to the automated mode of updating progress.

How to resume automatic updates?

Watch the video below to learn how to exit from the manual override mode and resume automatic updates.

  1. Click on the manual progress mode icon, and start a check-in.

  2. You will be shown the automatic values, and you will see an option to resume the automated updates.

  3. Click on ‘Resume updating automatically from key results’ (in case of progress rolled up from children) or ‘Resume updating automatically from an integrated data source’ (in case progress is updated through the integration).

  4. The progress and status will take the automatic values, and the progress mode will be reverted to automated mode.

  5. Save your check-in.

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