provides rich analytics and visualizations on the performance review results which can help you uncover insights on the company performance and make decisions accordingly. Often as people leaders, as the performance reviews are completed we are left with questions like,

  1. How does the overall employee performance across the company look like?

  2. Which functions across the organizations are performing well?

  3. Which are the teams that might need more attention or resourcing.

The Performance Insights feature makes it easier to slice and dice the data and have such questions answered.

Who can access the performance insights?

  1. Review Administrators (Typically HR leaders), can view or generate the insights for all the participants of a review cycle.

  2. Managers (and above) will be able to view the insights for their direct reports and the extended teams.

Insights can be generated when

  1. The review cycle has either overall rating or number scale questions configured as a part of the assessment. The insights are generated over these ratings or number scale-based questions.

  2. There should be at least one or more reviews for which the assessment has been completed by the manager (with ratings and scores).

How do I access the performance Insights?

  • Navigate to the Reviews Management page by clicking(from the menu on the left) Performance -> Reviews -> All Reviews.

  • This page lists all the review cycles that you can manage as an admin or a manager. Open the review cycle you want to view the Insights for.

  • On opening the review cycle details page. Click on the Insights option which will show the analytics and visualizations.

What are some of the analytics and visualizations available?

Distribution Analytics to understand how performers are distributed.

Compare the distribution across various teams and managers by grouping.

Apart from ratings, Analyse the scores across all attributes and across teams.

View results on heatmaps to identify strengths and opportunities of various functions

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