We have introduced a new feature within Ally.io using which users can create both committed and aspirational goals.

OKR methodology supports two types of goals – committed or aspirational OKRs. Committed OKRs are the ones that your organization or team has agreed to execute. These generally have a clear action plan on how they would be achieved. Aspirational OKRs are more visionary. These are stretch goals and teams are not likely to fully achieve them.

Within Ally.io, users can now switch between aspirational or committed OKRs though OKRs created by default remain aspirational. Committed goals have the tag ‘committed’ which differentiates them from aspirational goals.

The best way to determine whether a goal is aspirational is to check how much of the goal has been attainable. If a user attains 100% of the target and thus closes an objective with a score of 1, the goal hadn’t been ambitious enough and is marked in orange. An ideal aspirational OKR or a stretch goal should be challenging but attainable and a score of 0.7 to 0.9 is recommended.

With respect to committed goal 100% completion ensures a score of 1 and the range is marked in green indicating that the user has completed the target which they have committed to achieve

Here is a short GIF on how you can set up aspirational and committed OKRs within Ally.io:

Scoring Customization

We have also introduced an admin setting where the organization admin can override the default ranges for the color schemes we have provided for the OKR’s. Here the admin can configure the scoring ranges against which the color schemes will be mapped

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