As a Manager, You will receive an email notification as the participant completes their self-review. Clicking on the link in the email will directly take the manager to the participant's review that they have to fill up.

Alternatively, click on the Performance->Reviews option from the Navigation Bar on the left. This will take you to the Reviews page. Under the "All Reviews" section open the review cycle and then click on the participant's record. This will open up the participant's review page.

Before starting the manager's review

At this point, the following steps should have been ideally completed.

  1. Peer Nominations by participant and manager.

  2. Participant self-review

  3. Peer review by co-workers

As a manager, Analyzing the peer review responses and the self-review responses before reviewing the participant will enable you to provide feedback with a better judgment.

Managers can see the status of the peer-review completion on this page (Make sure to follow up or remind the peers to provide reviews in case if they haven't done so). You can view the peer responses by clicking on the "View all peer responses" option seen on the below page.

Clicking on "View all peer responses" shows up the aggregated view of the peer responses. If the peers have provided an overall rating the same is shown on this page as well. The peer responses can help the manager get a better sense of the employee's performance and more context to fill in the next steps.

In the next steps, the manager can navigate through each of the sections, where they can find employee's self-review. As a manager, you can provide your reviews as well in each of these sections. The steps are detailed below.

Step 1 : (Manager Review: Review the goals)

You will see the Achievements section as shown below if your organization wants you to review the employee's contribution towards their goals\okrs. This page lists all the OKRS and the projects that the participant have owned during the said period and their self-reflection. Managers can provide their review over this covering,

  1. Things that went well.

  2. Things that could have been better.

  3. Key Feedback.

You can also provide your rating against each of these goals. As a manager, you should consider the fact that the objectives at times could be dependent on multiple people or even aspirational. So the OKR progress alone might not be the full measure of the employee's performance. Make sure you have considered this aspect.

Step 2 : (Manager Review: Custom questions)

You might see one or more sections subsequently where the organization wants to assess the candidate on certain parameters. These sections could be related to areas like culture, values, behavior, skills, competencies, etc depending on how your organization has configured it.

These will be simple text or number scale-based questions. As a good practice, providing data points and examples for each of the questions can help the candidate with more focused feedback and employees also tend to accept these more.

Step 3 : (Manager Review: Consolidated Rating and Recommendation)

This section will be shown if the organization expects you to provide a consolidated or overall rating to the participant. Choose a rating that you think the employee deserves backed by substantial data points and constructive feedback.

You can submit the Manager Review once you have filled in all the sections. Once you have submitted the Manager review process is complete and the review will be sent for approval by the admin or Manager's managers.

The review results can be shared with the participants post the approval process.


Individual Performance Management in Ally is available across all our pricing plans. If you would like to have it enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to [email protected] with your request.

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