As a part of the performance review process, peer reviews are requested from the co-workers of the review candidate and other managers the candidate had been working with. Peer reviews follow the following process.

  1. Review candidates and managers nominate peers to provide reviews

  2. Peer review request sent to the nominated (& approved) Peers

  3. Peers write reviews before the deadline which are shared with the manager.

  4. The manager can see an aggregate view of peer responses during his evaluation.

Collecting peer reviews will help the manager to make a more accurate judgment of the review candidate's performance and in a more democratic manner. This article is to quickly show the steps for peers writing a review.

When a peer review request is sent, the peers receive an email notification shown below asking to complete the peer review. Peers can click on the link from the below email. Which will directly take them to the peer review page to fill the review.

Alternatively, Peers can log in to Ally and navigate to the Reviews page. If there are peer review requests, the peers will see the tab named "Peer Review Requests". The tab name also shows the number of active requests. The tab will contain all the active and past peer review requests. The peer can click on each of the participants and start writing their reviews.

The peer reviews page shows a series of questions that have been configured by the review administrator. These questions could be related to the review candidate's contributions, behavior, skills, competencies, etc depending on how your admin has configured it. These will be simple text or number scale-based questions. Providing data points and examples for each of the questions can help the manager in providing a fair rating to the review candidates.

The section above the questions shows who all will be able to read these peer reviews. Specifically, the peer gets to know if their response is going to be shared with the review participants or not. This helps the peer to write the reviews more freely and confidently.

As a good practice, building a culture of transparent and direct feedback can help the organization imparting a growth mindset amongst its people.


Individual Performance Management in Ally is available across all our pricing plans. If you would like to have it enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to [email protected] with your request.

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