Once the Review participants have provided their peer nominations, it is sent to the participant's manager for approval. The requests are sent to the peers post manager's approval only. This article quickly shows you the steps to approve peer nominations.

Open the Reviews page by clicking on the Performance->Reviews option from the left navigation bar. Open the respective review cycle from the "All Reviews" tab.

This will open the Review details dashboard. Select the participant from the table, for whom you want to review the peer nominations.

This will open the participant's review page. On the review page, the very first section will be "Peer Reviews". All the nominees mentioned by the participant are shown here. As a manager, I can approve or decline these peer nominations.

Additionally, The manager can also nominate more peers, If the manager thinks if they want to get feedback from more peers. The managers can always nominate up to 10 peers irrespective of the number of peers the participant has nominated.

Now as a manager, you have completed the peer nomination and approval. You can choose to do the manager review later once the peers provide their reviews or continue to write the review draft.

Once the peers provide the responses, the managers will be able to view the aggregated view of the responses from this same page.


Individual Performance Management in Ally is available across all our pricing plans. If you would like to have it enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to [email protected] with your request.

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