The Flat-list view for OKRs gives users the ability to see all OKRs of any particular entity (Org/Team/Individual) and time period in a single flat-list view without having to expand them every time i.e. in case an OKR of the entity<>time-period has a child belonging to the same entity<>time-period, usually the child is aligned, hidden under the parent. With this 'view option' users can flatten the list view and see the children right below the parents.

How can users toggle between only parent OKRs and all OKRs?

  • Choose the entity and time period of the OKRs

  • Click on the ‘View Options’ dropdown. Turn on the ‘Show flat-list view’ toggle if you wish to view both parent & chilkd OKRs one below the other.

  • If the users wish to view only Parent OKRs, the toggle needs to be turned off and the children will be hidden under the parent (visible on expanding the row)

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