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  • Introduction to Glip integration

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Introduction to Glip integration

RingCentral Glip is a collaboration software that enables teams to seamlessly collaborate over projects with the ability to message, initiate a voice or video chat, transfer files, and manage tasks within the workspace. Ally's Glip integration is a quintessential collaboration integration that gives greater context to everyday work by bringing objectives in and conversations in Glip together. This integration will provide you with the summarised OKR progress and status updates for the company, teams or individuals delivered to Glip conversations.

Say, you have the Sales team spread across 3 regions — US, Europe, and Asia. You have a primary channel named 'Org-Sales' for the Sales team in Glip, and specific objectives for each regional team in By integrating Glip with, you will be able to receive the updates on the objectives of the US, Europe, and Asia teams in the 'Org-Sales' channel without leaving Glip. As and when members of the regional teams make check-ins on their OKRs, you will be able to monitor the updates in the context of your Glip conversations.

Enabling the Glip integration

Admins can enable this integration, and here’s how it can be done:

  • From the sidebar, click on Admin > select the Integrations tab.

  • Against Glip, click on Add to Glip to enable the integration. If a connection has been made previously or if the integration has been enabled already, you will have the option to Manage the enabled integration.

  • This integration can also be disabled from the same section by clicking on Options, and choosing Remove Glip Integration from the dropdown.

Getting started

There are two steps to be followed to get up and running with the Glip integration —

  • Map Glip teams to the desired entity in (the company, teams, and/or users)

  • Customize the cadence and frequency at which the updates should be posted to Glip conversations

Map Glip teams to an entity in

  • You can map the Glip conversations to the OKRs of the company, team, or an individual in Navigate to the respective OKR page, and click on Followers button.

  • Select the Glip teams tab, and click on Add Followers to start adding the Glip conversations as followers to the chosen entity. This implies that the added Glip conversations will receive the summarised OKR progress and status updates of the chosen entity — which could be the company, team, or user.

Customize the cadence and frequency

  • You can determine the frequency and the cadence for when the updates will be posted in Glip. Click on the gear icon next to the Follow link from the title pane of the dashboard to open the popup. You can also click on the "Change update time" in the alert that shows after you follow the company, team or individual

  • There are two schedules — default, and a custom schedule. The default schedule will send updates every week on Mondays at 09:00 AM (recipient's time zone).

  • If you want this customized, select Custom schedule and choose the frequency — weekly or monthly, and the cadence — day and the time, that you would like the Glip conversations to receive the update.

  • Click on Done to save your settings.

  • Alternatively, you can navigate to Admin tab > Integrations > Manage under the Glip integration > Edit against a particular Glip conversation to customize the frequency and cadence of when the chosen Glip conversation will receive updates.

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