New Product Releases: Week of 11/16/2020

  • Aligning OKRs got simpler: We’ve enhanced the OKR alignment feature to make it much easier for you to find objectives to align with. The smart search option we’ve introduced helps you search based on objectives, teams, owners, or time periods.
  • now integrates with Box: Ally’s Box integration allows you to update your OKR progress automatically by syncing your data from your spreadsheets within Box to your OKRs in
  • Updates to the OKR reporting functionality: You can now include key results in the exports from Objective Explorer and you can see one level of key results show up under each objective when exported. You can customize the report to select fields that need to be exported and be able to export the report in CSV and XLSX export formats.
  • Edit any integration within We now have the edit feature available for all of the integrations on You can edit an integration in multiple ways within

New Product Releases: Week of 11/09/2020

  • The support for Wrike tasks is here: You can map a key result in as a Wrike task and its subtasks, and connect the progress of these tasks to OKRs in As you complete Wrike tasks, the progress of corresponding key results in will be updated automatically.
  • Shared ownership of OKRs is now available on You can now share OKRs with other individuals to collaborate and work together on key priorities. With this feature, you will have the ability to share OKRs to avoid unnecessary duplication and redundancy and work towards common goals.

New Product Releases: Week of 11/02/2020

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