New Product Releases: Week of 6/14/2021 - Mode Integration: The - Mode integration allows you to link your OKRs to reports in Mode for automatic real-time updates on your objectives. Learn more here. - Amazon Redshift Integration:’s Integration with Amazon Redshift allows you to link your OKRs in to datasets in Amazon Redshift to provide automatic, real-time updates on your objectives. Learn more here.

New Product Releases: Week of 5/31/2021

Actionable insights that help you drive results: Introducing Health Insights that give you a holistic picture of how your business and the OKR program are performing. Act on this data to drive greater OKR adoption that will help you achieve your goals. Learn more here.

New Product Releases: Week of 5/17/2021

Icons for OKRs & Projects: Introducing icons for Objectives, Key Results, and Projects. You will now be able to identify objectives, key results, and projects easily with icons. Learn more here.

New Product Releases: Week of 5/10/2021

Flexible OKRs Support: adds more flexibility in how you structure your OKRs to bring clarity and focus on business outcomes! The new capability provides control over every aspect of alignment and contribution, making it easy to focus on the outcomes that impact objectives. Learn more here.

Introducing Projects in Connect your everyday work to business outcomes to better understand which projects are moving the needle on company goals, and focus on the right projects to drive results. Learn more here.

New Product Releases: Week of 4/26/2021

Projects List Widget in Dashboards: You can use the Projects List widget to pull in projects from across entities, belonging to multiple time periods and statuses and review the progress (current week vs last week), check-in notes, in your dashboard. Learn more here.

New Product Releases: Week of 4/19/2021

Introducing progress rollup for objectives tracked by KPI: Key results of objectives tracked by KPI metrics can now rollup and contribute to the objective’s progress. The objective’s progress is calculated differently for numeric units vs %units. Learn more here.

Manually override progress and status: You can now temporarily freeze automatic progress and status updates in and resume back while making a new check-in. You can also edit the OKR and change the progress mode back to either rollup or connect to a data source and resume auto-updates. Learn more here.

Greater visibility over updating progress with progress modes: Introducing progress modes to help you easily identify how the progress of an OKR is updated. While creating or editing your objective, you can choose from three ways of updating the progress:

  • Manually

  • Automatic via rollup from children

  • Automatically from a data source

Learn more about progress modes here.

Improvements in Create/Edit OKR view: Outcomes and Progress are now accessible as individual sections while creating or editing an OKR. You can choose to measure the outcome with a metric by setting the start limit, target, unit, and select the progress mode from the Progress section. Learn more here.

New Product Releases: Week of 3/29/2021

Units in KPI Metrics: KPI metrics in now support two types of units - Numeric and percentage-based. Learn more here.

Committed and aspirational OKRs: Users can now create both committed and aspirational goals though OKRs created by default remain aspirational. Committed goals have the tag ‘committed’ which differentiates them from aspirational goals. Learn more here.

OKR Progress Status and Scoring Customization: Admins can now customize and define the ranges for the respective progress status and scoring that they need to set for tracking the OKR progress. Learn more here.

Note: The progress status customization setting is available only in the Enterprise edition.

New Product Releases: Week of 3/15/2021

Create/edit OKRs seamlessly: The create/edit OKR view is now streamlined with collapsible sections making it easy to add/edit OKRs. We've introduced a new summary view that'll let you view all the options in the collapsed section. Learn more here.

New Product Releases: Week of 3/8/2021

Track subtasks in Asana: Start tracking OKR progress by subtasks in Asana. We'll fetch the list of subtasks from your Asana instance to and track progress via percent complete or KPI. When a subtask is chosen as a metric for measuring progress in - Asana integration, the progress is measured by the status of the number of subtasks in any state you choose. Learn more here.

New Product Releases: Week of 2/15/2021

Edit OKRs in bulk within now supports editing OKRs in bulk. Using this feature, users can update attributes such as the type of OKR, owner, and tags for multiple OKRs at one go

New Product Releases: Week of 1/25/2021

Flat-list OKR views within Using the flat-list OKR view feature, users can now view all OKRs of any particular entity(Organization/ team/ Individual) or time period in a single view without having to expand or collapse a view.

Consolidated OKR & Projects settings now under Admin menu: We have now enabled an ‘OKRs and Projects’ option within the Admin menu tab. This section will house all of the consolidated OKR related settings so admins can enable or disable certain features based on the need of their respective organizations. Customers who do not have Projects enabled will be able to see a tab named just ‘OKRs’ within the Admin section

New Product Releases: Week of 1/18/2021

Shared ownership of OKRs and Projects now available on We’ve introduced the shared OKRs and Projects feature for multiple owners and teams on This new feature will allow you to share OKRs as well as Projects and collaborate with multiple teams and owners on key priorities and initiatives. Administrators can enable this feature for organizations from the Admin Settings section within the application

New Product Releases: Week of 1/11/2021

Close all your OKRs in one go: As you're nearing the end of a time period, leverage the new check-in experience to close and reflect on all your OKRs in one go, and have better control over unfinished objectives while rolling them over to another time period.

An easier way to delete, and archive teams: The org admins, and team owners can delete, or archive a team directly from the team's OKR page.

New Product Releases: Week of 1/4/2021

Track all your Projects in on the go: You can view and monitor the status and progress of Projects and tasks from Ally's mobile app.

New Product Releases: Week of 12/28/2020

'What's New' section on Starting 01/04/2021, you will receive updates about new features within the app. So the next time you log into, please make sure that you click on What’s New within the Support section to know about the recent enhancements to

Visual check-in owner indicator: Once a check-in owner is assigned to an OKR, users will now see a visual indicator that shows the check-in owner details under the objective/ key result

New Product Releases: Week of 12/21/2020

Support for custom fields in Jira: Measure the progress of key results in by custom fields in your Jira instance.

New Product Releases: Week of 12/14/2020

Get progress updates delivered to Glip conversations: Integrate Glip with, and receive summarised OKR progress and status updates for the company, teams, or individuals.

New Product Releases: Week of 12/07/2020

In-app notifications: Users will now receive an in-app notification with every time an OKR is assigned to them by any other user within the organization. These notifications are available for both single and multiple ownership of OKRs

Check-in reminders: The new check-in responsibility feature allows users to choose a check-in owner whose sole responsibility is to check-in and update the progress of the OKR. The check-in owner will be able to check-in on the OKR (manual check-in) as well as set-up a data link on the OKR (to auto-check-in). The added check-in reminder functionality allows the check-in owner to receive timely reminders regarding OKR check-ins. In the case of multiple owners, this will prevent all of the owners from receiving reminders, only the user set as 'check-in responsible owner' will receive the reminders

New Product Releases: Week of 11/30/2020

Track OKR progress with multiple time period views: The multi-time period OKR view can help you track your OKR progress for multiple time periods. This feature will let you select and view OKRs for all time periods or for multiple active, upcoming, and previous time periods

Assign check-in responsibility: The check-in responsibility feature allows you to assign a user to check-in and update the progress of an OKR. This is useful In the case of multiple owners, as it will prevent all of the owners from receiving reminders and only the user set as 'check-in responsible owner' will receive the reminders.

New Product Releases: Week of 11/16/2020

Track progress of key results by Jira story points: If you use story points for estimating your Jira user stories or epics or issues, you can now measure the progress of OKRs in based on the story points completed.

Aligning OKRs got simpler: We’ve enhanced the OKR alignment feature to make it much easier for you to find objectives to align with. The smart search option we’ve introduced helps you search based on objectives, teams, owners, or time periods. now integrates with Box: Ally’s Box integration allows you to update your OKR progress automatically by syncing your data from your spreadsheets within Box to your OKRs in

Updates to the OKR reporting functionality: You can now include key results in the exports from Objective Explorer and you can see one level of key results show up under each objective when exported. You can customize the report to select fields that need to be exported and be able to export the report in CSV and XLSX export formats.

Edit any integration within : We now have the edit feature available for all of the integrations on You can edit an integration in multiple ways within

New Product Releases: Week of 11/09/2020

The support for Wrike tasks is here: You can map a key result in as a Wrike task and its subtasks, and connect the progress of these tasks to OKRs in As you complete Wrike tasks, the progress of corresponding key results in will be updated automatically.

Shared ownership of OKRs is now available on You can now share OKRs with other individuals to collaborate and work together on key priorities. With this feature, you will have the ability to share OKRs to avoid unnecessary duplication and redundancy and work towards common goals.

You can now integrate with GitLab on-premise : You can now integrate GitLab on-premise with starting 9th November 2020. If you would like to have this enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to [email protected] or your CSM with the required application IDs (Learn how to generate these IDs here).

New Product Releases: Week of 11/02/2020

Have more control over the progress of rolled over objective: You can determine how to clone progress when you choose to continue working on an unfinished objective in the subsequent time period — either preserve the current progress or reset the progress.

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