This week has released the following new features:

  • Closing and scoring OKRs now made easier: Users can continue working on unfinished objectives after the quarter is over by closing the objective and starting fresh, or postponing the objective to the subsequent time period.

  • Start using MySQL and PostgreSQL integrations: Save time by automatically updating OKR progress by fetching data from MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.



We’ve also introduced some minor new enhancements

  • Support and Profile info is now locked into place, and no longer disappears when you scroll up or down the page.

  • We have introduced a new grid view on the Integrations page, making it easier for Admins to navigate their way through the list of available integrations.

  • Easily update integrations in less time with our new in-line editing capabilities.

  • Improved clarity for setting KPI based OKRs vs. percent complete based OKR.

  • We have made an enhancement to the OKR workflow feature which enables tracking changes made to objectives within the activity feed during the planning stage.

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