Projects in help you author better OKRs by separating your outputs from your outcomes. See What are Projects?

Until you find your feet with Projects, this feature can be enabled for specific users in your organization, instead of the entire organization. This will let you try out the feature with a few users, before turning it on for the entire organization.

Scope for enabled users

  1. The Projects tab will be visible *only for enabled user* on all user, team and organization OKR pages.

  2. Can create, edit, and update Projects

  3. Can clone Projects

On the other hand, users who don’t have Projects enabled will not see a Projects tab anywhere in the system. They cannot create new projects or clone existing ones anywhere in the system. However, they could still view projects aligned under OKRs on user, team and organization OKR pages they have access to. If they have edit permissions for OKRs on those pages, they will have the same on projects. The feature is really designed to prevent new project creation for non-enabled users.

As an individual user, if you want this feature enabled for you, please reach out to your OKR champion or, feel free to drop a line directly through our chat channel. We'll enable this for you, so you can hit the ground running.

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