Ally’s Integrated Performance management is designed to maximize individual performance and by extension, the business performance. Now you can manage all your OKRs as well as Individual performance on one tool.

When it comes to performance management there are four main players who complete the cycle. Each of these roles and the actions they can perform on Ally in the process of running a review cycle for the organization are defined below

Performance - Admins

This could preferably be your HR team or any others in the organization who is tasked with launching and managing the review cycles for the organization. The Performance-admin can be the same or different from the OKR admin. Please reach out to the support or our customer support to configure the Performance admins for your organization. As an admin now you can do the following on Ally

  1. Creating review cycles for the organization.

  2. Configuring review participants and evaluation criteria.

  3. Edit, manage, and track the progress of the review cycle.

  4. Can approve reviews if configured.

  5. Can share the review results with the participants.

Employees or Participants

The employees or participants of the review cycle can

  1. Fill their self reviews

  2. View the feedback/ratings for current and past review cycles.

Since all admins and managers themselves will be a part of the review cycles, everyone in the org can play this role.


Managers are ones who have one or more members reporting to them. Managers are primarily responsible for.

  1. Reviewing the performance of his direct reports and provide feedback and ratings.

  2. View and manage review cycle progress for his team.

  3. View the review cycle details of their extended teams.


Approvers are generally performance admins or the Manager's supervisor tree which is configurable. For instance, you can configure the department head to be the approver of the reviews for the teams in his department. They can view reviews of their extended teams and also approve reviews once managers submit their evaluation.

Each of these roles and the actions they can perform are described in the respective help pages.

Individual Performance Management in Ally is available across all our pricing plans. If you would like to have it enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to [email protected] with your request.

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