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Custom multi-selection of time periods

The multi-select option for the time period filter in OKR views allows you to view all your OKRs across multiple time periods. With this feature, you will have the ability to select and view OKRs across all time periods or multiple active/upcoming/previous time periods and have a single view of your OKRs grouped by each time period. This is especially useful when you have active OKRs for more than one time period that need to be worked upon or tracked.

For example, say you want to view active OKRs across different time periods (Annual, Q2 2021, and Q3 2021), you can multi-select these time periods and save them as a view.

How to multi-select time periods in

  1. Log in to and view and click on individual-level, team-level, or organization-level OKRs from the left panel.

  2. Your default view will list 'Active Period OKRs', this view contains the list of all the OKRs for the active time period. 'Active time period' is derived based on the time periods that are grouped together as “Active” in the time period picker.

  3. To select multiple other time periods, click on the Filter option and select all the time periods that apply, and hit 'Done'.

    Note: You can also save this view as a new view by clicking the "Save View" icon right next to the view header.

  4. You can now view the list of all OKRs across multiple time periods.

Note: With the introduction of Views in, the time period picker in has been moved as a filter in the filters panel. Learn more about Views in here.

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