Team owners/admins can setup their team by adding team members.

Adding existing Ally users:

  1. Go to Team OKR page

  2. Click on the Team members tab

  3. Click on the Add Members button

  4. Start typing the name or email of existing Ally user, the auto-complete will suggest the matching users.

  5. The Add Members button should be enabled, click to add the user to team

To add people in team who are currently not in Ally, you can use the same dialog. Make sure the 'Send invitations to users who are not in Ally' checkbox is checked.

As part of setting up team, it is useful to have another team admin, to ensure that the team is not blocked on one person. To give team admin permissions to a team member:

  1. Go to Team Members tab

  2. For every users listed, there is an Actions dropdown in the last column.

  3. Click on the dropdown and select 'Promote to Team Admin'

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