What are the new enhancements in the navigation panel?

Main menu navigation: The main menu navigation is now restricted to the left navigation panel in the application. The following changes are to be noted.

  • The extra spacing on the top navigation panel has been removed to accommodate viewing all OKRs at once.

  • The new side panel has a menu button in the form of an arrow to expand or collapse the menu.

  • The new panel also has a set of logos incorporated for different navigation options and a simple hover over will reveal what these logos stand for.

  • The quick start guide, profile and the notifications options which were previously on the top panel have also been moved to the side.

Notifications: Notifications will now be displayed from the notifications button on the side panel. In case the user has no new notifications, they can see a message which says “no new notifications”.

Quick start guide: The quick guide can be accessed from the side panel and once the user finishes setting up their Ally.io account, the guide will be automatically moved to the support section where it can be accessed anytime.

Support: - The support section located on the bottom left menu panel will house the quick start guide, and options to chat with us and a help center.

Profile: Users can access their profile and account settings from the Profile option located on the bottom left.

What are the components of the new navigation panel?

  • Menu to expand/ collapse the menu

  • Search

  • Quick start guide when the user has not finished setting up the Ally account

  • Notifications

  • Individual OKRs

  • Team OKRs

  • Organization OKRs

  • Objective explorer

  • All teams

  • All users

  • Activity

  • Invite people

  • Support → (Quick start guide), Chat with us, Help center

  • Profile → Profile settings, Account settings, Log out

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