In many cases, Objectives & Key Results are about cross-functional collaboration. Tracking dependent objectives, key results & projects is an important activity when working towards ones own goals!

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  • What are Dependencies?

  • Quick Walkthrough

  • Step by step screenshots to create/view Dependencies on Ally

What are Dependencies?

Ally introduces the Dependencies V1. Users can now tag any OKR/Project to other OKRs/Projects and visually understand dependencies, that can initiate conversations across teams and individuals. In this version 1, Ally does not block any progress / status / closure of OKRs and Projects that are dependent on others.

Quick walkthrough of Dependencies

Step by step screenshots to create/view Dependencies on Ally -

Example: A Marketing lead gen. teams' Key Results could be dependent on the Content teams' initiatives/key results.
[Objective] - Improve Online Lead Generation with
[KR] - Increase social media impressions from 500 to 3000
could be dependent on
[KR] - Create new landing pages for social media visitors
[Objective] - Improve site credibility

Note: Please reach out to your CSMs (or) ping us via in-app chat if you would like to try out the new Dependencies feature.

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