What is a Review Dashboard?

Review dashboard is a customizable, presentation-ready dashboard that populates real-time data on OKR progress, thereby eliminating the need to create a presentation from the ground up, every time before a review meeting.

You could be using several tools to track metrics that are closely correlated to the OKR progress within Ally.io. Instead of juggling tools to present real-time data during reviews, Review Dashboard enables you to bring KPIs, visualizations, projects, trends, and contextual information on OKR status under a single roof. This will foster a laser-focused review meeting.

Who can benefit from the Review Dashboard?

Anybody who spearheads a review meeting, or presents the overall OKR progress to the leadership team, can reap the benefit of our Review Dashboard. For instance,

  • The executive team can periodically facilitate effective strategic reviews with the department heads to review the OKR status at every level of the organization.

  • The department heads can preside over the tactical review meetings with team managers, and present the department's OKR status to the leadership team during business reviews.

  • Team managers can use the dashboard to take a quick glance at the OKR progress of each team member, instead of fetching this data manually and creating a presentation from scratch.

  • Individuals can tailor make this dashboard while having one-on-ones with their respective managers to talk through the accomplishments, priorities, and blockers using real-time data.

How can I access this dashboard?

  1. Every entity has its own dashboard — an organization, a team, and an individual.

  2. To view the company-level Review Dashboard, click on your organization’s OKRs tab from the left pane > select the Dashboard tab.

  3. To view a team-level Review Dashboard, click on All Teams from the left pane > select a team of your choice > click on the Dashboard tab.

  4. For Review Dashboards at an individual level, select My OKRs from the left pane > select the Dashboard tab. To view the dashboard of a user, click on All Users from the left pane > select a user of your choice > click on the Dashboard tab.

How can I get this dashboard enabled for my organization?

We’re happy to onboard early adopters who’d like to give this a shot. To get this feature enabled for your organization or particular users of your organization, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or write to us at [email protected].

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