July was packed full of great product updates in Ally. Our team introduced several new features we are excited about.

  • Enhancements to navigation: Users can now leverage ‘Quick Search’ to perform quick actions in Ally, such as making a check-in, creating an objective, and searching for users, teams, objectives. Additionally, we now support ‘Hot Key’ actions so users can perform key actions in Ally, with a few strokes of the keyboard.

  • New easier ways to perform check-ins: Updating OKRs is now faster, with our new quick check-in experience that only displays objectives due for a check-in. With this new focused experience, users spend less time updating their OKRs.

  • Inline OKR experience: Managing OKRs in Ally takes less effort with our new seamless spreadsheet-like experience. Users can now add and edit objectives, make check-ins and update OKRs without the need to click away from the screen.

  • Cadence improvements: Admins can now create a custom cadence for check-in reminders uniquely defined at the department and team levels.

  • SFTP HRIS Integration: Seamlessly connect users and team data to Ally, and easily provision users’ OKR access.

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