In-line OKR Experience

Ally provides a seamless spreadsheet-like experience for users looking to perform OKR without having to switch screens.

With our in-line OKR experience users can:

  1. Add and edit objectives

  2. Perform check-ins and add updates

  3. Add key results and projects

  4. Change objective owner

  5. Rearrange OKRs with an enhanced drag and drop experience

The new slider progress bar allows for instant check-ins. The autocomplete status automatically calculating based on the selected progress. Check-in notes are now optional, saving time and clicks when performing a check-in in-line.

Note: You will not be able to use the in-line experience to add key results and projects, if you have configured your OKR model by selecting the 'Objectives are always aspirational, key results are always measurable' option. You can still add key results and projects by clicking on the 'More Actions' button.

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