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What are Weighted Objectives?:

Ally's Weighted Objectives feature allows objective owners and creators to assign specific weights to define how scoring and progress roll up to parent Objectives.

If your organization has Weighted Objectives enabled you may see objective weights displayed like this:

  • In this example, the Key Result Encourage Engagement through Polls has a weight of 2x. This means it will account for twice the progress of it sibling Key Results. Since there are four Key Results, it will account for 50% of the parent Objective progress instead of the normal 25%

  • The Project Perform a KB. Audit shows that its progress does not contribute to the progress of its parent. This amounts to a weight of 0x.


  1. If your organization has % OKR Weights and Contribution enabled, then please head over to this article.

  2. Weights for KPI numeric OKRs: For KPI numeric-based parent OKRs that have progress roll-ups from KPI numeric-based child OKRs, these weights (0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x) will not be available.

How to add weights

Weights can be set or edited from the action dropdown by selecting "Weight" and then choosing your appropriate weight.

You also can access weighting from the edit page.

All subscriptions have the ability to set key result progress to not contribute to its parent. Other weights are a feature of our enterprise subscription.

If you have an enterprise subscription and would like to have this enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to [email protected] with the request.

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