Projects help you keep track of all the work your organization is executing to achieve your OKRs. Like key results, projects can also be created under objectives and other key results in Ally, depending on which outcome they help to achieve. You can create a project by clicking on 'Add project' under the appropriate objective or key result.

Asana Projects

You can now view your Asana projects in Ally. Ally will show you the tasks within the project, as well as calculate the progress of the project as a percentage based on completed tasks vs total. Setting up the project is as easy as connecting to Asana, picking the project and optionally filtering to a subset of tasks on the project that you care about.

While Ally supports an Asana integration for OKRs, projects let you see the individual tasks and their completion state, helping you understand your execution at a much deeper level. The updates for a project also call out what has changed since the last checkin - which tasks were completed, were any tasks added or removed.

Ally will periodically check on project progress in Asana, and update status. Progress and Status is calculated for projects exactly like key results. Similar to key results, you can also check in on a project, where you can temporarily override the status. However, this will last only as long as Ally does not detect a change in the completion status of the project in Asana, at which point, it will overwrite your checkin with an automated update.

Now you can understand how your teams are executing to meet your OKRs, and dive in to unblock them. In the future, we plan to add other popular project management systems, so that Ally can give you a holistic view of your business.

Projects in Ally are available across all our pricing plans. If you would like to have this enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to [email protected] with your request.

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