Ally allows for two kinds of accounts - Regular Users and Observers. As opposed to Regular Users, Observers can't create, edit, or own OKRs. However, they can view all entities and OKRs like Regular Users.

Observer licenses are typically priced lower than Regular Users. Using Observer licenses is a cost-effective way for organizations to get the benefits of transparency, alignment, and remote collaboration.

Observers can:

  • See all entities’ OKRs: This enables observer to be aware of, and aligned to, organization’s, teams’, and users’ priorities, progress, and updates.
  • ‘Follow’ entities: This enables Observers to receive updates for any entities and stay updated to latest developments.
  • 'Like' and ‘Comment:’ on OKRs, checkin, and activity feed updates to engage with leadership team.

Note: Observers can’t be OKR owner, Admin, Team Owner/Admin, or Manager. However, they can be Team Members and have a Manager.

How can I get Observer licenses?
To enable Observer feature, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

How can I add users as Observers?
You can set a default Account type for new users from Admin Dashboard -> Setting. If the value is set to 'Observer', users will take up Account Type as Observer when added through file upload, slack or when users join without invitations (if allowed).

While sending invitations, users can choose to invite people as Observers:

How will I know if someone is an Observer?

If the user has Observer tag against his name, she is an Observer.

If you are an Admin, you can also look at user's Account Type from Admin Dashboard -> Users -> Account Type column

How do I change Account Type of users?
Admins can change the Account Type from Observer to Regular and Regular to Observer from Admin Dashboard -> Users Tab -> User listing -> Three dot Menu
as shown in image below:

Can Observers invite other users?
Yes, if the Invite Policy in Admin → Settings is set to ‘Anyone in the organization’. Observers can only invite others as Observers.

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