When working on OKRs, there may be several scenarios where you want share an objective, or a list of objectives. You may do this to:

  1. Provide visibility to stakeholders: Share a quick update on the status and progress of my/ team's objective(s) to keep the everyone up to date.

  2. Share a win: Share an update on a shipped feature, closed funding, or winning a deal, directly to a public slack channel or to a stakeholder over email.

  3. Nudge users: As a Team owner/ OKR champion if you have an important meeting around the corner and you need an update from one of the OKR owners and want to nudge them by quickly sharing the OKR directly to the user in slack.

Share Objectives

1. To share objectives from the OKRs page, click the share icon on the top right corner of the page and select "Share Summary."

2. Enter emails or slack channels that you want to share the objectives with in the recipients field . You can also choose to share the update to all the users who are following the OKRs you are sharing by checking the "Include followers ..." checkbox.

3. Click on "Add a personal note" if you want to add more context while sharing the summary of objectives.

Note: To send yourself a preview of the message that will be shared, click "Send Preview"

4. Once you are ready, click "Share" and the objectives will be sent to the intended recipients.

Alternatively, you can share an update directly to any email that looks like the following.

Share a Specific Objective

You can share any objective by clicking on the "Share button" available on the objective's quick view or the objective detail page.

The recipient will receive a notification in slack or email depending on if the recipient user has slack or not.

Happy Sharing!

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