If your organization is using BambooHR HRIS for employee management, our API integration enables easy provisioning of new users & updating info of existing users within Ally.

Note: This Integration feature is accessible for Admins on the Ally app. To set-up the integration, please follow the below steps -

3 Simple steps to set-up your Ally <> BambooHR Integration

  1. Enable the Integration on Ally from Admin --> Integrations --> HRIS Integrations

2. Configure the connection credentials by providing a Connection Name (name of your choice to locate the connection in Ally later), BambooHR API Key (instructions below) and BambooHR sub-domain (Example: allydemo.bamboohr.com)

To generate an API key, a BambooHR user with adequate permissions should log in and click their name in the upper right-hand corner of any page to get to the user context menu. If they have sufficient permissions, there will be an "API Keys" option in that menu to go to the page and generate the API key as in the screenshot below.

A Non-Employee-User can be set-up on BambooHR with Custom Access Levels that only includes access to the fields needed for the integration. The API key has the same amount of access as the user who creates it. By setting up the custom access level for this user first, the API key won't have access to more information than necessary.

  3. Map Standard Ally fields with your BambooHR fields

Once the above 3 steps are successfully configured and saved, Ally executes an auto-sync of mapped employee info from BambooHR to Ally every day.


  • Does Ally sync all Employees from BambooHR?

Currently, Ally pulls all the Employees from your BambooHR instance and sets them up as 'Provisioned' Users. These users should be explicitly invited from Ally (or) they should log in to Ally themselves for becoming 'Active' users who would be billed.

  • What fields in Ally can be synced from BambooHR?

All the Ally Standard fields - User Email, First Name, Last Name, Teams (comma-separated list of teams that a user is part of), Manager Email, Deactivation Date (Employee Termination Date) -  are available to be synced from BambooHR.

  • What is the Matching key field/ Unique identifier for a User?

User Email will be the universal match key within Ally. All employee emails from BambooHR which match Ally User Email will qualify for updation of fields and new employee emails that do not already exist within Ally will be created as provisioned users.

  • Will BambooHR sync over-ride any manual updates within Ally?

Yes! Any sync from BambooHR will over-ride all manual updates to the User profile within Ally.

  • How does Deactivation Date work?

The Employee Termination Date recorded within BambooHR should be mapped to Ally's Deactivation Date. Based on the date updated, any user will be deactivated within Ally by the end of that particular date.

  •  When does the Integration Sync happen?

The Ally <> BambooHR sync is configured to happen daily at 12 AM PST for all organizations.

*Please reach out to Ally Support to get further details/FAQs answered

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