Get summarised OKR progress and status updates for the company, teams or individuals delivered to emails or slack channels.  

Following an entity

To start receiving summary updates, begin by following the company, a team or individual. You can follow as many teams or individuals as you like by visiting the respective OKR dashboard page available from the navigation menu. 

You can also add other users or slack channels as followers to ensure they receive summary updates for the company, team or individual. Select the Followers button and click on the 'Add' link. 

Search on users or slack channels and select the + sign next to the search result to add them as a follower for the company, team or individual. 

Edit summary update cadence and frequency

Customise the frequency and the cadence for when the summary update will be sent for the company, team or individual. Click on the 'cog' icon next to the following link from the title pane of the dashboard to open the popup. You can also click the "change update time" in the alert that shows after you follow the company, team or individual.

Select "custom schedule" and choose the cadence, day and the time that you would like to receive the update. Click on 'Done' to save your settings.

Manage summary updates

View all teams and individuals that you are following your profile settings page. Click on the your profile icon on the bottom left corner of he page and select 'Account Settings'.

From this page, you can change the cadence or unfollow the company, teams and individuals you are following.  

To edit the cadence for each summary update, click 'Edit Update Time' button and select the schedule you would like to receive the weekly update from the popup. To unfollow a company, team or individual you are following, click the unfollow button. You will stop receiving the summary update for the company, team or individual you chose to unfollow.

You can also unfollow a company, team or individual from the dashboard by toggling the green check mark against the following link .

Viewing summary update cadences

Summary updates will appear in a slack channel or email based on where it is configured to be sent.

Here is how a summary update will look in a slack channel


Q: How to trigger the summary/follower updates emails manually?

A: The summary/follower updates emails can also be triggered manually using the Share Summary feature.

1. From the OKRs page, click the share icon on the top right corner of the page and select "Share Summary."

2. Enter emails or slack channels that you want to share the objectives with in the recipients field . You can also choose to share the update to all the users who are following the OKRs you are sharing by checking the "Include followers ..." checkbox.

3. Click on "Add a personal note" if you want to add more context while sharing the summary of objectives. There, you can select the option "Include objective progress changes in the last xx days" and set the number of days according to your preference.

Note: To send yourself a preview of the message that will be shared, click "Send Preview"

4. Once you are ready, click "Share" and the objectives will be sent to the intended recipients.

Alternatively, you can share an update directly to any email that looks like the following.

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