OKR success in any organization depends on adoption from every level of employees and this becomes the responsibility of the OKR Champions & Team Managers.

A lot of our customers have been requesting for OKR activity metrics. We are launching the BETA version of 'User Insights'  which provides a quick glimpse of User level OKR adoption metrics for 'All Time periods' and the 'Current Time period'.

We will be enhancing this with more 'Team' level & 'Org' level adoption insights.

User Profile Attributes

  • Name - User Profile pic & Name
  • Role - Admin / Member of the organization
  • Status - Active / Pending / Provisioned. Deactivated users are not shown by default
  • Manager - User's manager Name
  • Teams - Comma separated list of Teams that the user is a part of

User OKR Activity Metrics

  • Public Objectives - Total no. of public objectives owned by the User
  • Aligned Objectives - No. of Objectives (owned by the user) with at-least one parent 
  • Objectives with Check-ins - No. of Objectives (owned by the user) with at-least 1 Check-in
  • Check-ins - Total no. of Check-ins explicitly made by the User
  • Objectives by Status - Chart displaying the Status-wise split [OnTrack, Behind, AtRisk, Closed, PostPoned, NotStarted] of all public objectives owned by the User
  • Average Progress - Average Progress [%] of all the Top-level public objectives owned by the User
  • Average Score - Average Score [0-1] of all the public objectives owned by the User.
  • Active Days - No. of unique days within the time period where at-least one of the following activities have been performed by the User -  [Objective, Check-in, Comment, Time-Period, Connection --- Create/Edit/Delete]
  • Connections - Total no. of integration connections owned by the User.

All fields on the User Insights data grid can be hidden/un-hidden, sorted and re-ordered as applicable.

Export Insights

Clicking on the 'Export' button on the top left of the grid will e-mail the user a CSV file of the entire Insights data.

Please watch this space for more info on enhanced insights and drill-down features (to be included) on a regular basis.

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