SFTP integration allows customers to easily synchronize employee data from their HRIS providers, such as; UltiPro, SuccessFactors, Workday, Rippling HR, and more.

Once the integration is enabled in both systems, HR admins/OKR champions/Admins no longer need to routinely request IT support for basic tasks, like; user provisioning, de-provisioning, or making updates to employee data across systems.

In this Article:

  • Requirements
  • Integration Details
  • How does it work?
  • User Field Validations
  • Custom field for users
  • Team Field Validations
  • Few Rules & Considerations
  • How to enable SFTP integration?
  • Common Questions


An Enterprise plan is required.

Integration Details

How does it work?

With SFTP integration, you can drop import files at a secure server location. Ally will fetch those files and make automatic provisioning of users and teams. The file location itself is encrypted, data is also encrypted in transit using the Secure File Transfer Protocol.

By scheduling a job that extracts employee data from your existing HRIS system (Bamboo HR, ADP, Workday, etc.) and saves it to our SFTP server, you can automate your user management. Managerial changes, Departments, and other user data can be updated in one place, then the update will automatically feed into Ally.

User Field Validations

  • User Email has to be unique and mandatory, all other fields are optional.
  • User name can be a provided as a single field 'User Name' or can be given as 'First Name' and 'Last Name' in two separate columns
  • Teams can have a comma-separated list if the user belongs to multiple teams
  • Is Org Admin is a Boolean field and should have a 'Yes' if the user is your organization Admin or 'No' if the user is not an admin
  • Deactivation Date accepts date format (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy) and the user will be deactivated on the specified date. 

Custom field for users

Ally will consider all the headers other than the default ones as custom fields for the user. When the feed from your HRIS provider has these custom fields, we will add these automatically to the user record

E.g., Employee ID, Joining Date, etc.

Custom fields for users will be treated as text fields, date, or boolean fields as per the format. While exporting users in Ally, all the custom fields will be included

Team Field Validations

  • Team name should be unique and mandatory
  • The organization owner is assigned as the Team owner if the team owner information is not provided in the file.
  • Parent Team should have the name of the parent team.
  • Team Type is an optional text field.

Few Rules & Considerations:

  • Ally standard header labels should match exactly as provided in the common questions below
  • Custom field header labels should match any existing custom field in Ally
  • New fields outside of Ally standard fields or existing custom fields within Ally will be treated as new custom fields.
  • The User import will always update matched fields when a User email is already existing and create a new user with the fields when a user's email doesn't exist in Ally.
  • The Team's import will always update matched fields when a Team name is already existing and creates a new team when a Team name doesn't exist in Ally.
  • The Imports will never remove any existing field value for both users & teams.
  • If a Manager mapped to a user in the Manager Email field is not already a user in Ally, the manager will be created as an Ally user with default values and mapped to the user.
  • If a Team mapped to a user in the Teams field is not already in Ally, the team will be created with default values, and the team will be mapped to the user
  • If a Parent team specified is not already present in Ally, a team will be created with default values using the name and mapped as the parent team.
  • If the user's Deactivation Date past the current import date, the user will be de-activated 24 hours after the import.
  • Supported date formats are (dd/mm/yyyy) or (mm/dd/yyyy))
  • If a user (employee) is omitted from a file, this will not cause any change or removal of that user's account in Ally.

How to enable SFTP integration?

Please reach out to [email protected] and ask them you would like to turn on the SFTP integration for your company. If you have a CSM, you can also request access by reaching out to them. You must be a company admin to request this access.

Common Questions

1. Can I use my SFTP servers instead of one hosted by Ally?

Ally can create an SFTP server location hosted by Ally to drop files (or) use any existing SFTP server if your organization already having an SFTP set-up

2. How my import template should look like?

Please ensure that the Users & Teams file include accurate labels for the Ally standard header fields and are in the acceptable CSV format



3. What is the supported file format?

Both the Users & Teams import files should be UTF-8 encoded.

4. At what cadence user and team data in sync?

All users & teams import will happen once a day for every organization. Please reach out to [email protected] or your CSM to understand the schedule.

5. How to export users?

On the top-right corner of the tabular summary, you will find an option to export users. A mail will be sent to the administrator for downloading the report.

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