While OKR methodology promotes single alignment throughout an organization, Ally.io recognizes that the modern workplace is often made up of non-linear structures and matrixes. For that reason we created Multiple Alignment. 

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  • Using Multiple Alignment

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  • When to use Multiple Alignment

  • Multiple Alignment vs Private Objectives

What is Multiple Alignment

Ally.io's Multiple Alignment feature allows users to align a single OKR to 2 or more above it in the organization.

Multiple Aligned objectives are easy to distinguish from the rest, just look for the double arrow icon.

Using Multiple Alignment

If multi alignment is enabled you will be able to align in the same manner as single alignment, you'll just be able to select multiple objectives. 

In the screenshot above you can see have aligned to both "Culture Communication" and "Deliver Project Y by first week of December"

How Multiple Alignment Works

If an objective is aligned to multiples above, the progress roll up will cascade up as normal, you are simply contributing to both objectives at a higher level. If you mark the objective as Behind or At-Risk, both parent objectives would contain the same status. 

When to use Multiple Alignment

  • If there is an individual objective that contributes to 2 separate team objectives, multi-alignment becomes handy.

  • You can also use multi-alignment to group similar individual objectives that are separately aligned to teams above, into a single individual objective, further improving the focus of your personal dashboard.

Have you come up with other ways to you use it? Let us know, we'd love to share your story with other Ally.io users.

Multiple Alignment vs Private Objectives

Ally.io now allows enabling both the Multiple Alignment & Private Objectives features at the same time for an organization with few restrictions -

  • A Multi-Aligned Public OKR can be made Private, but all of the alignment will first be automatically removed before it is made Private.

  • No Key Result of a Private Objective will be allowed to be Multi-aligned.

If you have an enterprise subscription and would like to have this enabled for your organization please have an account admin reach out to [email protected] with the request. 

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