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As the saying goes, “Start with Why,” so let's start with why you're probably here: 

  • Your organization is ready to embark on a new way of setting and reaching goals

  • You heard that OKRs are a proven way to achieve amazing results

Whether you’re brand new to OKRs, just getting up to speed, or have been using them for years, it’s important to know how they work. 

First, let's start with the basics: 

What are OKRs?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, and it's a goal setting process that allows businesses to solve for the following 2 questions:

Objectives are simply what you and your team want to accomplish.
Key Results describe how you will measure your success in accomplishing these goals.

You can read more about what they are here: What are OKRs

Why have OKRs lead to success at so many companies?

Modern business moves at breakneck speed, and entire industries are being disrupted through new customer behaviors, aggressive competition, and changing market dynamics. 

OKRs provide a framework to allow companies large and small to set goals, stay agile, and make sure employees are on board with the latest strategy through the following 5 superpowers:

  • Focus: Because OKRs focus on just 3-5 goals per quarter, it forces organizations to focus on only the work that matters -- and make hard choices to eliminate the tasks that don't matter.

  • Alignment: Research shows that only 7% of employees understand their company strategy. OKRs help align company goals from top to bottom so that everyone is rowing in the same direction.

  • Tracking: OKRs are driven by data. Gone are the days when a manager and employee would set an annual performance goal. Today, agile companies use data to inform action and guide strategic decisions.

  • Transparency: A core tenant of OKRs is that anyone can view the goals and progress at any level of the company, from CEO to individual contributor, fostering accountability and collaboration.

  • Stretch: When employees are encouraged to set stretch goals to achieve what might not seem possible -- and receive support when things fall short -- amazing things happen.

How can I ensure OKR success at MY company?

  • OKR Champions: Quite often, it's the effort of one key person in an organization (it could be you!) that takes initial ownership of a project and ensures its success. It could be a Chief of Staff, operations lead, or the most organized person in a given department. We love our OKR Champions and strive to give them all the support they need.

  • Leadership Support: While the energy of the OKR Champion is key, we’ve found that most successful rollouts also gain support from upper management. Thus, it’s critical that senior leaders educate their organization on the value of OKRs, explain why they are being implemented, reflect on their current culture, and identify key stakeholders (covered in Step 2).

  • Use the right tools: We believe OKRs are the best way to set goals, and that Ally is the best tool to manage your OKRs. Why? Unlike spreadsheets or manual processes that quickly become unwieldy, Ally scales with your business and provides transparency across your organization.

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