It's been a few months since your ambitious brainstorming session to set your quarterly goals, and week after week you've stayed diligent with your checkins. But now the quarter comes to a close and you get to find out:

How close did I come to actually achieving the goals that I set?

Let's find out.

Closing out your OKRs

  • Timing: The ideal time to score and close your OKRs is the final 2 weeks of the quarter, or if necessary, within the first few days of a new quarter.

  • Navigate to the first Key Result you wish to score

  • Choose the "Close" option from the action menu or Close during a checkin

  • Enter the final value for your Key Result; this could be a percentage (ie, 80% complete) or a metric (ie, $50,000 in sales)

  • Ally will automatically assign you a score between 0 and 1 based on your result, such as a .8 for the Key Result that was 80% complete

  • You have the option to modify the assigned score if you like (see below)

  • Add a closing note to provide any context to your scoring

  • Repeat for each Key Result you are responsible for

  • Ally will roll up the results into an overall color-coded scoreĀ 

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