OKRs can be an incredibly powerful way to accelerate your business -- but only if you actually use them and take a few steps to integrate the process into your workflow.

When talking about the week-to-week check-ins to make your program successful, there are three steps to consider:

1) Reminders and notifications

With Gmail calendar reminders, mobile phone alarms, and Alexa timers, it's ok to admit ... sometimes we need a little extra prompt to remind us when to do something in our busy lives.

Ally sends a notification via Slack to all team members every Monday at 9:00 AM in the user’s time zone to nudge you to check in on your OKRs (if Slack isn't installed, you'll receive an email). Don't worry, you can change the day, time, frequency, and more to customize it to your needs under Admin -> Notifications.

2) Checking in

Once you receive your gentle reminder, there are 3 ways to check in (see Resources below for specific instructions):

  • Ally. Simply log into Ally, choose My OKRs, and enter your progress. Whether your KR is listed as a percentage or a number-based KPI, you'll see the results roll up immediately to show how you're contributing to the bottom line.

  • Slack. If you're a Slack user and have the integration set up (with our simple 2-click install), you can update your OKRs without ever leaving Slack! When an action is taken in Slack, it is immediately reflected in Ally for all other users to see. 

  • Integrations. If you routinely track your key metrics in programs such as Jira, Salesforce, or Google sheets, we have good news. Simply set up the integration once, link it to your OKRs, and then continue working in those programs normally. That's right, your check in will be automatically updated on the hour, and you won't even have to go to Ally at all. 

No matter which method you choose, make sure to contribute links, make comments, and tag mentions to support your teammates and share feedback.

3. OKR Status Meetings

Remembering to check in your OKR numbers each week is great, but adopting this framework is about achieving results.

The best way to be held accountable is to integrate the status of your OKRs into weekly meetings with managers. On a regular basis, discuss and compare weekly progress to make sure you remain on track. See the resources for how-to tips.

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