Once you’ve completed your pilot phase, you're ready to start onboarding the rest of your organization into Ally. Here are elements to keep in mind:

Team Leader Training

  • Analyze learning: Report on key learnings from the pilot and be prepared to integrate changes into the full rollout.

  • Communicate the plan: Educate employees about the OKR process and the steps to be taken. Remind people that it will take a few quarters to get the cadence right and see success.

  • Train additional leaders: Educate managers and team leaders on OKRs, Ally, integrations, and so on. Help them create their objectives, and show how their goals align back up to top management, and cascade down to their direct reports.

Employee Training

  • Educate individual employees around the same topics, showing that their contributions align up to overall company goals. Differentiate between contributors that will own Key Results vs. observers that have insight into company goals.

  • Walk employees through the 3 step process that will be covered starting in Step 7: Set, Track, and Review OKRs.

  • Create quarterly meeting invites in advance for end of quarter OKR review and the setting of goals for the next quarter.

  • Inform employees how your company will integrate the review of OKR progress throughout the organization (Slack updates, department meetings, all-hands town halls, etc).

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