This quick start OKR onboarding guide will take you through the 10 basic steps to get your small to medium sized business up and running on Ally so you can achieve amazing results. (Large organization? Check out our enterprise-level training.)


Live Training: Weekly Webinars

Ally hosts weekly webinars with Trainer-led discussions about Ally's features: 

  • OKR Champion Training

  • Special Topics

Before you get started, check out our 2-minute OKR training video:

Step 1: Get to know OKRs

  • What are OKRs?

  • Why have OKRs lead to success at so many companies?

  • How can I ensure OKR success at MY company?

  • Additional Resources

Step 2: Define your team

  • Key OKR stakeholders, and what they do

  • Additional stakeholders

  • Roles within Ally

Step 3: Determine your rollout plan 

  • Set program goals

  • Determine your OKR calendar and timing

  • Choose your pilot program

Step 4: Write great OKRs

  • Best practices for writing great OKRs

  • Additional Resources

Step 5: Set up your Ally account

  • Set up your Teams

  • Set up your Users

  • Set up Integrations

Step 6: Train your team

  • Team leader training

  • Employee training

Step 7: Set your OKRs

  • OKR best practice reminders

  • 3 steps to setting your OKRs

  • Additional Resources

Step 8: Track your OKRs

  • Reminders and notifications

  • Checking in

  • OKR status meetings

  • Additional Resources

Step 9: Score and close your OKRs

  • Closing out your OKRs

  • Additional Resources

Step 10: Review, reflect, and repeat the OKR process

  • Review your progress

  • Reflect and adjust

  • Repeat your process

  • Additional Resources

  • Summary

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