As an admin user of Ally, you'll have the ability to Work on Behalf of other users. This feature will allow you to assume the login of other individuals in order to add OKRs, make Check-Ins, or Score OKRs on their behalf. This can be useful when setting up Ally, or in the event someone is away and cannot take the action themselves. 

In this Article:

  • How to use Work on Behalf

  • When to use Work on Behalf

How to use Work on Behalf

1. Navigate to Admin -> Users

2. Choose Action-> Work on Behalf

3. You'll be taken to My OKRs for the individual you selected. 

Any action I take now will be reflected in the system as though Ashley took that action. All activity feeds will reflect accordingly.

4. Choose "Stop Work on Behalf" in the yellow banner at the bottom of the screen to navigate back to your admin account.  

When to use Work on Behalf

  • Work on Behalf is great to have when an admin user needs to set up a new Ally user with their OKRs before giving that person access to the system. 

  • It can be helpful when an OKR needs updating and the owner is out on leave or away. 

  • It is a great way to troubleshoot when a user thinks something is missing or they cannot take a certain action. When you work on behalf of them, you also get their views and permission so you can help them find or understand what they are experiencing.

Note: If your account has the enterprise feature Private Objectives enabled. You cannot work on behalf of a user with Private Objectives.  

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