Much like an orchestra, a successful OKR rollout requires a solid team working together in concert to have a great performance. 

Key OKR stakeholders, and what they do:

  • OKR Champion: This is the person responsible for spearheading the adoption of the OKR framework within an organization, communicating its value, and driving progress from the top.

  • Ally Admin: The key contact responsible for project managing the implementation process from end-to-end.

  • Technical contact: The person responsible for helping with software integrations, sign-on decisions, permissions and security, and other technical questions.

  • Team Leadership: These are the individuals leading teams -- from C-level executives and senior leadership to directors and department managers -- that generally own Objectives and goals for the company.

  • Individual Team Members: These are individual employees within a company; sometimes they have direct ownership of Key Results, other times they are simply observers to organization goals.

Note: In smaller companies, these positions often overlap. For example, the OKR Champion is also a senior leader, or the Ally Admin handles technical implementation.

Additional roles: 

  • Depending on the size and structure of a company, additional roles will include the Ally Owner (the person responsible for organizational level setting and decisions), a Change Team Owner (an internal or external person in charge of leading the company through a period of change), or an OKR Trainer (the person in charge of training all employees about OKRs).

Ally roles: 

  • From Account Executives to Customer Success Managers, the Ally team is here to support you to make sure you achieve amazing results.

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