As your company scales, there can often be quite a number of interesting OKRs that are created across an organization.

In order to keep track of various goals that are relevant to you, Ally provides a two step process that delivers this information right to your inbox or via Slack.

Step 1: Follow

To "follow" organizations, teams, and users that are important to you, simply click the "Follow" icon on one of these entities. 

For example, you can follow East Coast Sales to receive updates from that team. The icon will turn green to indicate you are now "Following" it.

By default, Ally will have you follow:

  • The organization

  • Teams you are part of

  • Teams you own

  • Parent teams of your teams

  • Teams owned by your reportees

Step 2: Receive Updates

Once you are following one or more organizations, teams, or users, Ally will automatically notify you via Slack or email you a weekly progress update showing Objective activity, what's going well, and what not's going well.

How to view or unfollow your organizations, teams, or users: 

  1. Click on your user name

  2. Click edit settings

  3. Click on the Following Tab

  4. Click the unfollow button

This will let you adjust which organizations, teams, and users that you receive updates from.

By following appropriate teams and receiving progress updates, you'll be poised to react in an agile manner to relevant OKR topics and achieve success.

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