Overall Progress

  • Discuss check-ins that have been made over the past week using Team or Custom Views.

  • Look at change in progress using “Compare to Past” tool. If many objectives have had “nothing new to report” check-ins, this will help identify what’s moving forward and what’s not.

Objectives Going Well

  • Briefly highlight objectives that have positive change in status or percent completion.

  • Praise and Kudos are always welcome. It is especially helpful to point out big wins or large percentage increases week over week. Using “Compare to Past” it will be easy to see these highlights. 

At Risk/Behind Objectives

  • Identify each of these objectives and with their owner, have an open conversation to understand why they are behind/at risk, what is their plan for the coming week, and if any revisions need to be made.

  • Ideas and feedback from all team members is helpful in this section to formulate plans for getting back on track.

Revising Objectives

  • If the scope of the objective needs to change or the objective needs to be moved into another time period have that conversation here. Editing, Postponing, and Cloning are helpful tools for revising objectives.

  • Look to objective owners for their perspective on what the progress means – for example, does an "At Risk" objective need additional resources allocated, should it be reprioritized, or should it perhaps be revised based on new information?  

Focus for Upcoming Week

  • For each objective and its owner that is incomplete, identify what actions will be taken in the upcoming week to continue progress for the quarter.

  • These items can be left as comments on the objective so that others outside this meeting have transparency into the process and what is planned.

Action Items

  • Document any other tasks that need to be completed prior to next week’s meeting, you can leave @comments as appropriate within Ally. 

Note: Ally defines Behind and At Risk as follows:

Behind: Progress is less than you want currently but there is a plan or idea of how to get back on track.

At Risk: Progress is less than you want and there is no plan for how to move forward or get back on track.

If the status is being auto calculated by the progress of the key results:

Behind will be: % is between 10-25% below expected progress
At Risk is: % is >25% below expected progress

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