When your trial is near expiration or has expired you can enter payment information and start subscribing to maintain access to your account. 

To enter billing information an Ally Admin can navigate to Admin-> Billing-> Start your Subscription.

Ally will then prompt you to choose a plan, Starter/Growth or Enterprise. Your options will depend on the number of active users in your account at that time. 25 or less users will display Starter as an option, 26 or more will display Growth. 

Our full pricing and feature break down is here.

Ally will also display the options for billing cycle: monthly or annual. Note: Annual subscriptions are discounted by ~25% 

Select Add payment details and enter your Credit card information. 

Thats it! You're now subscribed to the best OKR solution in the world. 

If you would like to pay via another method please contact [email protected] with this request. 

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