As an Ally admin, we give you support to manage your teams. Sometimes teams are dissolved or due to an organizational change, they are retired. If this is the case for you we give you two options in Ally, deleting or archiving a team.

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  • Deleting a Team
  • Archiving a Team

Deleting a Team

This is the permanent option, once a team has been deleted it cannot be restored. Please delete with caution. A team can be deleted by navigating to the Admin tools-> Teams Tab-> Actions-> Delete

A team can only be deleted if there are not any objectives assigned to that team. 

If you have objectives assigned to the team, a better alternative is to archive the team.

Archiving a Team

Archiving a team is what Ally recommends you use for teams no longer in service. You can archive a team by navigating to the Admin tools->Teams Tab-> Actions-> Archive. 

Archiving a team is not a permanent option and an archived team can be restored by navigating to the Admin tools->Teams Tab-> Actions-> Un Archive

Once a team has been archived it will marked as such in the teams tab of the admin tools and not visible anywhere else such as my teams or all teams. 

Any objectives that were owned by this team will remain in the same state, however no new objectives may be assigned to this team. 

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