Alerts automatically indicate when an objective needs attention or is at risk. 

Managing Alerts

Alerts are enabled for all objectives by default. Each user can manage how alerts are displayed for their account. 

Manage alerts by clicking on your Avatar (top right corner), then selecting Edit Account Settings -> Objective Alerts and choosing your preference. 

Status Indicators

Alerts are displayed in orange or red for each objective. A solid indicator refers to the listed objective, and an outlined indicator refers to a child objective (or even a grand-child objective). 

Click the indicator to see the alert message.

Needs Attention: Shows that an objective (or its child objectives) appear to fall outside of OKR best practices. Indicators include: 

  • Not started yet, 7 days past the start date

  • Not aligned to any objectives
    Objective does not have key results and is a team or individual level objective

  • Objective has too many results. Best practice is to have 3-5 key results

  • Score is higher than 0.8. Consider setting the goal higher next time.  

At Risk: Shows that an objective (or its child objectives) appear to have a significant issue with configuration or progress. Indicators include: 

  • Progress off by more than 25% from expected progress based on start and due date of OKR

  • Objective is past its due date

  • Does not have an owner

  • Key Result and Objective time periods do not align

  • Objective dates do not align with period dates

Disabling Alerts

The organization admin can now disable these alerts for the entire organization by navigating to the OKRs & Projects section on the Admin dashboard. You can enable/disable using the checkbox for 'OKR Health Indicators' as below.

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