Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, a business may need to pivot and reprioritize goals for the quarter. With Ally, users have the ability to postpone their Objectives and de-prioritize them for the current time period, while allowing them to remain visible for later on.

In this Article:

  • Why Postpone?

  • How to Postpone

  • How to Move an OKR to a Different Time Period

Why Postpone:

Typically, an Objective or a Key Result will need to be postponed when there are shifting priorities. For example, if an organization is shifting focus from manufacturing a product, to producing updated parts, an OKR around "completed products" may begin to drag down the overall score as the focus shifts. In this instance, users may decide to push these OKRs to get completed during a different quarter.

When you postpone an objective, it closes it out – similar to if you were to mark it "Closed," but the percent completed is no longer counted towards the overall goal of the quarter. If business needs change again, you can reopen and begin re-counting it towards the overall goal.

How to Postpone:

Postponing OKRs can be completed from any of the OKR entity pages: Individual, Team, or Organization. No special permissions are needed.

To Postpone an OKR:

  1. Navigate to the OKR you would like to postpone

  2. Select the "More Actions" button and select "Postpone"

  3. Enter in the final total of check-ins, and a reason for postponing, then select "Postpone"

The page will refresh and the OKR will appear with a blue bar that says "postpone" and it will no longer update the overall progress for the quarter.

How to Move an OKR to a different Time Period:

Often when an OKR is being postponed, an organization intends to pick it back up in a different quarter as resources become available. To do this, Ally recommends cloning the OKR and moving it to the desired time period, to gain the most accurate visibility.

To Clone an OKR:

  1. Navigate to the postponed OKR

  2. Select the "More Actions" button and select "Clone"

  3. Select a new time period, owner, and what information you would like to clone, then select "Clone"

The cloned objective will now appear in the new time period with a status of "Not Started."

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